Sunday, February 14, 2010


The sun shines down on you from its place still high in the sky. For a moment you see nothing, your eyes dazzled by its brightness after the dark of the cave. You blink the spots out of your eyes, trying in vain to see the landscape before you.

You take a step out of the cave and almost fall. Beneath your feet loose pebbles slide, leaving you feeling unbalanced. As you regain your balance your sight also returns and you finally see the landscape before you.

The grey mountains tower above it all, like sentinels; watching, guarding. They seem to shelter and protect this beautiful places which lie within their shadows.

You then bring your eyes down to the stones beneath your feet. The small pebbles litter the ground outside the cave. Moss coats some. As you look at the pebbles further away it comes to your mind that this is a long dry creek-bed.

You follow the creek with your eyes until you lose it in the sea of trees. The trees carpet the valley; a sea of green split down its centre by the wide white waters of a river.

The roaring of the river and the call of the birds surrounds you as you begin our careful journey down the creek.

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