Monday, February 8, 2010


Before you a vertical sheet of water, wider than any other. Misted by a lighter spray, you reach your hand forward to feel the heavier spray. The noise is thunderous, pounding in your ears and drowning out all other sound.

Beneath your feet is a smooth stone, rising out of the water. The stone is slick with water, but you are balanced; no fear do you have of falling.

As you stand there you get wetter and wetter. Your clothes have become heavy, and the damp raises goosebumps in the cool breeze which blows off the falls.

You cup your hands to catch the spray and you bring the cool water to your mouth. The water runs down your chin as you drink from it. The water tastes fresh and pure, just as it looks.

The sun has begun its decent and waterfall seems to glow, tinted with the golds and pale pinks of sunset. The day turns cool and you turn to leave.


  1. You have a fantastic talent of bringing the reader immediately into the story. Of course the second point perspective helps but your descriptions are so tangible and yet not weighted down with prolonged, unnecessary additions. Simply gorgeous. I really felt transported.

  2. ...but...but, I don't wanna leave! T_T

    Twas a nice momentary escape from my hectic day though. Beautiful post. :)